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Intelligent Milk Mate Machine

Intelligent Handheld Milk Mate Machine


  • No Personal Computer is required to operate the machine.
  • Regional language support.
  • Strong battery to support 2-3 days operation without re-charge.
  • Directly can be connected to different external machines such as Weighing Machine, FAT machine Milk Analyzer etc.
  • Strong configuration menu to setup the machine on site.
  • Can hold 6000 producers records.
  • Various centers can be programmed.
  • Different operators with separate passwords can be stored.
  • Rate charts can be entered directly on machine within 1 min.
  • Same machine can be used for different types of milk.
  • Stores records of complete Billing cycle.
  • Number of days billing cycle are programmable.
  • Holds data of previous billing cycle also.
  • Provision to book for expenses or advances to the producer.
  • If required data can be fetched on a PC through connection.
  • Optionally external SD card storage of data is available.


  • Producer wise collection.
  • Shiftwise reports.
  • Billing cycle wise.
  • Producer bill statement considering Advances.


  • Saves time of entry and calculation.
  • Transparency in the transactions.
  • Large storage of previous data.
  • PC connectivity optional


  • Bus Ticketing
  • Milk Collection
  • Toll Collection
  • Pay & Park
  • Cable TV Billing
  • Order Booking etc.

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